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Guests may cancel a booking up to 30 days before the reservation commences and receive a refund less an administrative fee of $100 (plus HST).

If the cancellation request is within 30 days from the start of the rental period, guests will be refunded all monies, less the 15% non-fundable booking fee, IF the property is rebooked. 

If the property is not rebooked, there will be NO REFUND.  

Reservation dates can be changed providing the  property is available for the new dates and management is agreeable to the change.


If a breakdown should occur to essential equipment such as water systems, plumbing/electrical systems, major appliances (stove/refrigerator), every effort will be made to repair/replace, or an appropriate refund will be made for the inconvenience caused.  This does not apply to system breakdown caused by misuse (e.g. plumbing blockages cause by inappropriate use of sanitary facilities).

No liability or refunds will be provided for any interruption of electrical services caused by extreme weather or other circumstances beyond our control.  Similarly, there will be no refunds due to inclement weather.

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